Take a breath- breath in -open your heart - breath out...

Retreat of wellness, relaxation, yoga, massage and self exploration to bring grounding and balance to our hectic lives.
Combining healing modalities from India, Thailand and South America.

Varkala- India
Varkala is located in the very south part of India in the state of Kerala, 45 minutes by taxi from the nearest airport in Trivandrum. 

Varkala Beach is divided into three areas: the recently developed South Cliff, where your accommodation is located.
The Beach Road area and the lively North Cliff with its plenty of restaurants and shops.

On the cliff the sunset is truly what the name promises – the perfect moment when the red sun dips into the ocean and

certainly the long sandy beach is an other reason to come and enjoy lovely Varkala.

There are natural springs that run out of the cliff walls on several spots and always present sea eagles observing from sky.

Is this Retreat for You?

This retreat is for anyone who wants to improve their physical health,
emotional well-being and the lifestyle that drives these in a positive, sustainable way.
You will leave feeling much improved in mind, body and spirit.
You will leave with a better understanding of yourself and with new tools to help you stay
relaxed and mindful


Workshops and Treatments 



Learn massage basics to help your friends and family:
Thai yoga massage, holistic massage, self massage,
relaxation and breathing techniques, energy balancing.

Led by Steve Swords


“the vaccine of the forest”-is a traditional Amazonian medicine used by the indigenous tribes to heal 

and strengthen the body, mind and spirit. Alex IIikbajevas


 Stone carving

 Make your own personalised pendant, lead by master stone carver Balaraman (3rd Eye Arts)

Cooking class

Learn to cook the traditional Keralan way, using fresh local products and spices, served on a banana leaf.


The Yoga of singing - is the yogic practice rooted in sound, vibration, voice, meditation and intention. 

Together we will sing simple Sanskrit Mantras (chants in a powerful ancient language), 
that have a profoundly healing effect on our subconscious and our energetic system.
Led by Šárka Elias

1-2-1 Vocal session

Open your heart and find your voice, whether you want to improve your singing or your confidence.
Voice work can help with public speaking and fills you with good vibes.
Taylor made sessions to suit your needs and your voice and
work on what needs to be released or unblocked. Led by Šárka Elias

Visualisations, meditations

Shamanic journeying using rattle or drum for insight and healing and guided visualised

meditations. Led by Steve Swords


Dream Catcher Making

Comb the beach for shells, stones and feathers to catch your dreams. Led by Emma.

Sunset chanting on the beach
Chants for Healing, Prosperity and Peace. Led by Šárka Elias

What’s Included in This Package

  • Up to two yoga sessions per day.

  • Four tailor made massage treatments

  • Two Kambo treatments *

  • Two private vocal sessions

  • Deep relaxation, visualisation and meditation session

  • Ayurvedic cooking class 

  • Stone carving workshop

  • Dream catcher workshop

  • Singing circle/Kirtan

  • Two meals per day ** 

  • Accommodation in own room on the cliff by the beach

 *can be swapped for other bodywork treatments.
 ** not including meat, alcohol or sweets.


Does not include flight or airport transfer.