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Sing From Your Heart- Group singing workshop

"We are all able to sing"

Each of us has a voice so you don't have to be trained or a fabulous singer. You just need to like to sing.
It is amazing what happens when people join together in song. No matter how many of us say they can't carry a tune, magically it sounds terrific...Sarka


These sessions start with breathing and vocal warm up exercises followed by harmony work then incorporating these skills through working on songs from different cultures, which will be built upon over the weeks and all accompanied by guitar, drum and shakers.

These workshops are for everyone and anyone. It is about community and sharing our voices to enjoy the flowing sounds and harmonies together.

Having travelled far and wide, inspired by numerous cultures and traditions, Sarka brings a unique and uplifting energy to these workshops.

"Singing in a group makes me happy. No pressure. No expectations.
 It's all about finding the freedom to express your voice in a supportive and fun environment.
 I love the way I feel when I leave the class.

Sarka holds the space with respect, gentleness and a good deal of humour..." Silvia




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