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Šárka Elias from the Czech Republic is a musician who has created a unique sound she describes as
"sacred world music."
With a deep affinity for Ethnic music, Šárka's musical journey has taken her on incredible adventures to Brazil and India. During her visit to the Amazon Rainforest, she truly immersed herself in the rich culture.
There, Šárka acquired traditional songs and beats that have been passed down through generations, allowing her to connect the new with the ancient.


Accompanied by the talented Vivek Philips (music director and composer) on drums and percussions. Together, they are bringing vibrant and uplifting musical experience deeply rooted in nature and the celebration of life. that compels listeners to dance and sing along.

She collaborated with acclaimed producer Iestyn Polson, known for his work with iconic artists such as Patti Smith and David Gray, to craft her EP.















Performed at Medicine festival (UK), Rumble (UK), Soul Medicine Festival (UK).
Through her guidance, she conducts sacred circles, Kirtans, and ceremonial concerts, inspiring others to find their true voice and express themselves with authenticity, wildness, and newfound freedom.

Šárka gracefully blends warmth, depth, and celebration into our human emotions and pure love.
Sharing her wisdom, she has guided circles in the United Kingdom, India, Peru, Czech Republic, Greece, and Portugal.

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