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Opening of the Voice 
One-To-One Voice-Coaching

In these one-to-one Vocal sessions Šárka will assist you in finding your true, natural voice.
This will allow you to express yourself and awake your heart voice for more freedom.


  • Individualized instruction

  • Unblocking fears and tensions in the voice

  • Learn how to sing effortlessly

  • Develop your breathing to really support your voice

  • Techniques to strengthen and support your voice

  • Finding songs that make your heart sing!

  • Balance and align yourself in body, mind, heart, soul and spirit

A series of at least 4 sessions is recommended for those who are seeking to deepen their connection with their voice.

Duration: One session will take approx. 60 -70min
Location: London

Price : 1-2-1 sessions
            £80 for a session






Davina Mackail Hay House author

After years of being told I couldn’t sing and to ‘shut up’ just one lesson with Sarka allowed me to unlock my voice in ways I would not have believed possible.  Her techniques are exceptional, delivered with compassion, love and laughter - what more could you ask for in a singing teacher – looking forward to going deeper.

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